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Your brand is the personality of your business. Therefore, a good brand will make it easy for people to notice and remember your business!

Your Brand is the personality of your business. Therefore, a good brand will make it easy for people to notice and remember your business. But how do you build a good brand? This is how. First, there are graphic design companies in Johannesburg such as SAWAPRO. You can make use of such companies to develop your brand fast. Rather than paying different designers, you can give your specifications to SAWAPRO, who will then do all the designs, and give you the final work ready for printing. The final work could be Logo designFlyersBannersBrochuresBusiness CardsCar branding, etc. Whatever it is, you will save a lot of time and money if we handle the job! And that is because all the design will be done in one place. So give us a call, and start building your brand today!

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Logo & Identity Design

If your brand is the personality of your business, then your Logo Design is one of the most important features. A good Logo Design can give your business the professional look that is necessary for success. So do not accept a bad Logo Design! Let us create for you a good High-Resolution Logo that will stand out and be noticed on any media, whether print or digital.
Graphic designing companies Johannesburg

Letter Heads

Your Business Letter Head is one of the most important documents that you will use to communicate with your corporate audiences. So why not make it appealing? An appealing Letter Head is likely to be remembered, and that is what you need to continue building your brand successfully. So let us build for you a proper Letter Head to build your brand identity.

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Brochures and Business Cards

Business Cards are still the preferred way of exchanging contact information in the business community. Brochures on the other hand provide an effective way to give a summary of what your business does. We can design both at good prices and very fast too. So Ask for a Quote.


Branding gives your business a name and identity. It then becomes easier to advertise your business to your prospective customers. For branding to be effective, one needs to do it properly, using all available media. Let SAWAPRO make it easier for you. Ask Us How.

You have a Winning Brand, So Promote It!

You have a winning brand. But if you do not promote it, how people find out about you? So let us help with promoting your brand. There are many methods of Brand Promotion, both Digital and ‘traditional’. At SAWAPRO, we shall get you the best rates for all forms of brand promotion. This includes In-Store Promotions, Online Promotions, etc. Ask for a quote!

Take Your Business to Another Level

If you need to create more awareness for your products and services, or you need to revamp your brand, then you need to look for the best graphic design companies. There are experts in Graphic design in Johannesburg, such as SAWAPRO, who can help. And our rates are good too! So Talk to Us!